Albert’s Christmas

Albert’s Christmas
Written and Illustrated by LESLIE TRYON

From Horn Book
After Albert the duck receives an e-mail communique, he rounds up some friends to help carry out his secret assignment. When Santa makes a pit stop in Pleasant Valley, Albert's crew is ready: they feed the reindeer and wax their antlers, buff Santa’s boots, and squeegee the sleigh-cum-flying-ship’s windshield, all in twelve minutes. Lively gouache pictures bursting with color and humor lend energy to the rhyming couplets. -- Copyright © 1998 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

Card Catalog description
Albert the duck and his friends help Santa as he races on his annual visit.

Customer Comments
A reader from Irving, Texas , October 3, 1997 [5 out of 5 stars]
Being a helper. More important than asking for a gift. The magic of Christmas Eve is told in a simple rhyming tale of an old fashioned Santa in a new fashioned sleigh. Only one gift is shown and that is from the friends of PV, given to Santa. A story that must be shared with all the children (young & old). Note the snow, in all its shades of white to blue. If you wonder if there can be a fresh new tale of Christmas, read this and know that there can be.

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